The most delicious fish

I’ve eaten dozens of different kinds of fish, and can say with confidence that that the most delicious fish has not been listed on other ranking websites.

It’s no secret that Chinese people love eating fish. Growing up in China meant eating fish at least 2-3 times a week. Culturally, fish is equated with wealth and prosperity, and is seen as very healthy. Did you know that the FDA has even produced a guide for Chinese-American families in choosing healthy fish types?

Still, out of the endless species of fish out there, I have a particular favorite: Bluegills! Around Penn State and near State College, I’ve fished at Colyer Lake, Laurel Creek, Stone Valley, Whipple Dam, and several other places. I love Bluegills because they are a native species to State College and Pennsylvania, and they are pretty easy to catch (though Penn State’s own research has shown that they can be pretty smart). They are an abundant, ecologically safe, and good choice overal versus some other choices like cod or swordfish.

But best of all, Bluegill flesh is firm, sweet, and mild, and require minimal seasoning to get it just right. They also don’t have that muddy taste like tilapia or catfish. The hook to table time can be done within 30-45 minutes with my own hands, compared with days or even weeks for commercially caught fish. That’s why Bluegills are my favorite fish!