Hi! I’m Mingda Pang.

Welcome to my little digital home. I’m Mingda Pang, the geology enthusiast, nature explorer, and hiker extraordinaire – you’ve heard of me, right? 😉

I set up this website for fun and to share my thoughts about everything from spicy food to music – loves me some Beatles!! – and everything in between. I love to share what I’ve learned and have learned to share what I love. hehe.

One of my great interests is in something called petrology, which is basically the scientific branch of geology focused on rocks and the conditions under which they form. There are all kinds of rocks, which you may not have noticed at first, but you’ll soon learn! Sediments can be pieces of other rocks, minerals derived from the breakdown of rocks, or minerals precipitated from ions dissolved in water (with or without the help of organisms).

I’m also way into Star Wars, especially the games. Disney sure made a wise decision there! In between gaming and examining cool rocks, I also study aroma therapy – you’ll know more about it after peruse my site. And of course I am big foodie and lover of animals – so much so that my good friend wrote about my tastes for cuisine and my compassion for every creature from dogs to gorillas.

My articles:

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